Guys, if you're a band, a hip-hop crew or an electronic music producer - send your tracks to the Space-Magnetic mastering studio. Our best modern and authentic vintage equipment will add some warmth, punch and crispness to your recordings. We will master your FIRST TRACK FOR FREE

We've worked with over 200 cool bands, labels and solo artists in the last couple of years - Gleemer, The Walters, Slow Caves, Exam Season, Violet Lens and many more from around the world, with any style and budget. Many of them are young artists at the beginning of their music careers. We are very proud that we've been chosen to make our contribution to their debut EPs, singles or albums. Join us! Show us your catchy tunes and beats. We will not just make them sound better - we will try our best to make them sound special.

Simply email us your track (use Wetransfer, Dropbox or Googledrive for the large files) or a link where to listen. You will get a full resolution high-end quality track in 24 hours. You don't have to pay for the first song mastering - it's totaly free. If you like the result, then we can work together in the future. Don't hesitate to contact us for any info on our equipment, rates, mastering samples or simply to say 'Hello';)  -

WHAT WE DO: mastering, mixing, reamping
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Gleemer, The Walters, Slow Caves, The Baltic, Exam Season, Violet Lens, Matt Byron, Cassels, The Furnsss, Joe Bordenaro, Lanedecay, Violets, Super Bummer, Lost Film, Weston Smith, Forgotten Fields, Wichita, Kevin Lytle and many others. The full list will be updated soon. Check out their bandcamp pages. They are worth it. Stay tuned.

BEFORE / AFTER mastering samples (15/15 seconds):

We are not just sound engineers. We also have our own bands.
So we will understand what you need.
We work with each song individually (No 'mastering with presets').
We rely on our ears and equipment (No 'computer-made decisions').
We use a real 1/4" magnetic tape (Not a plug-in).
We usually make several revisions until you're happy with the sound.
Revisions are always free.
Finally, we spread the word about our artists!

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