What is Mastering ?    Mastering is the final stage of music production. It is a precise sound correction to make your finished songs sound best. Every single track that you hear on a radio, on a vinyl record, Spotify or iTunes has been professionally mastered before it was released. Sound correction (or mastering) usually involves a good knowledge in sound physics, a professional high-end studio gear and most importantly a mastering engineer with a good ear and a developed taste in music. Ideally, it should be close to yours. Before / After mastering examples:

Space Magnetic Studio's mastering effect rack includes various dynamic compressors, equalisers, limiters, a tape recorder etc. What we will use depends on your music style and recording quality. Simply export your final mix and send it to us. The exported file format should preferably be WAV or AIFF. If you don't have it - send the best quality that you have. Email us if you need more info. We will master your FIRST TRACK FOR FREE:

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