What is Mixing ?    Mixing is an overall song balance. It is the second crucial part of music production (after recording) where you shape the vibe of your song. Placing the instruments in the stereo field, setting the right gain levels and dynamic range, equalizing the frequencies, emulating the ambience with reverbs and delays - it is all mixing.
Can't get the vibe in your mix? Send it to us. Don't worry about the quality. We will take a listen and let you know what it needs. If you want us to mix your song from scratch, then the mastering part is free. Email us for more info:

Analog mixing - is the way of mixing your song on a real mixing console instead of a computer. The analog processing blends the signal better than digital. It just makes your track sound more 'juicy'. So this is what we suggest:

1. Send your individual tracks (WAV or AIFF) to the Space Magnetic Studio.
2. We will run them into our mixer. We will adjust the EQs, panning and effects (if needed) settings there.
3. The mixed stereo track output ('stereo bus') will pass through a professional high-speed tape recorder.
4. Finally the tape output will be converted back into a high-resolution audio via a professional analog-to-digital (A/D) converters.

Analog summing - is a similar process except for the 'settings' part:

1. You finish your mix on your computer. Set the EQ's, panning and effects settings as you want.
2. Export your tracks as individual stereo files (WAV or AIFF).
3. Send them to the Space Magnetic Studio.
4. We will run them through our analog mixer, tape recorder and convert it back into a high-resolution digital audio file. The EQ's, effects and pan settings will be kept as you've set them.

♫ The magnetic tape sounds great, but not on everything. So, it's optional. It sounds superb with electronic beats, drums and guitars!

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