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Guys, are you in a band? Send your music to our mastering studio. Our unique sound improvement equipment will add some punch, depth and a sparkling tube warmth to your sound. Try it for free.



1. You don't have to pay for your first track. It is a totaly free test. You decide if you like it or not.

2. We've worked with over 200 indie bands and electronic music producers from around the world, with any style and budget.

3. We work with a unique mastering equipment built by exclusively for our studio.


Gleemer, The Walters, Slow Caves, Cassels, Exam Season, Matt Byron, and many others. Full list with the links will be updated soon. Check out their bandcamp pages. They are worth it.

★ We use a real magnetic mastering tape if needed (Not a plug-in).
★ We use real analog compressors only (Not plug-ins). They give much more punch and richness than their digital replicas.
★ We work with each song individually (No 'presets').
★ We rely on our ears and equipment (No 'computer-made decisions').
★ We usually make several revisions until you're really happy with the sound. Revisions are always free.
★ We master files for vinyl records, internet streaming, radio and tv broadcasts.
★ We are musicians ourselves so it's easier for us to understand your needs.
★ Finally, we spread the word about our artists!

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