MILK is a series of professional studio equipment built by Milksound. It's a collection of audio mastering tools designed on legendary recording gear schematics with unique modern features.

MILK Pultec is a passive stereo tube equalizer. It is based on the Pultec EQP1 schematics. The EQP1 is regarded as one of the most musical equalizers ever built. 'Milk' also has the vintage Soviet tubes built in. It will add vibrant balanced low end and sparkling high frequencies to your track.

MILKSHAKE is a 'sweetener with a punch'. It is a glue compressor with mid-range frequency tube equalizer. The electronics are based on the design of the SSL4000 console mix buss compressor and the Pultec MEQ5.

MINT MILK is a mid/side compressor. It will shape your track's stereo image, that is depth and width of the mix. The electronics are based on the legendary 1176 compressor.

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