MILKSOUND is a set of professional studio equipment handcrafted exclusively for the Space Magnetic Studio. It is a collection of music mixing and mastering tools. Their electronic design is based on legendary recording gear schematics with unique modern features:

MINT MILK is a dynamic mid/side compressor with a stereo tube pre-amp. It will make your mix sound deeper and wider or '3D', but with a strong 'backbone' in the centre. The synths or guitars on the sides will sound richer, softly saturated by tubes. MINT MILK can be used both ways: as a compressor-to-preamp (for mastering) or a preamp-to-compressor (for tracking). This electronic design is based on the famous compressor from the 70's - 1176, plus Gyraf G9 - the 'modern classic' tube pre-amplifier.

MILK is a stereo tube equalizer. It will add a smooth bass and sparkling high frequencies to your music. MILK is based on the vintage Pultec EQP1 schematics. The EQP1 is regarded as one of the most musical equalisers ever designed.

MILKSHAKE is a 'sweetener with a punch'. It will give your beats that bouncy roundness of the 80's sound. It will make your final mix sound 'big' with punchy, pleasing-to-ear dynamics. MILKSHAKE is a dynamic'mix buss' compressor with a middle frequency tube equalizer. This electronic design is based on the SSL4000 console dynamic compressor and the Pultec MEQ5 equalizer.

I-SCREAM MAKER is our ongoing project - experiment. As you can see - it will be enclosed in a vintage ice-cream maker :) As you can probably guess from it's name it is going to be something screamingly good for the vocals, the synth sounds, guitars and bass. We will tell you more about it soon.

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